New MSc program – Applied Economic Geology


The Faculty of Geology and Geography offers new Msc Program for the Academic year beginning from 2017/2018 – Applied Economic Geology.


The MSc curriculum in Applied Economic Geology is designed to create applied practical skills in mineral exploration corresponding to the recent industry standards. Exploration geological field practice and training is an important accent of the program that will be realized in real exploration environment with the support of local and international mining and exploration companies.

Course of Study

The master’s program provides specialized training to students in the field of economic geology and mineral deposit exploration in accordance with the international good practice and mining standards. Individual field work and training, exploration case studies, field mapping and sampling techniques and field trips to selected deposit types will give the students advanced knowledge of mineral deposits exploration. Completion of training with the defending of MSc thesis is awarded by earning 90 credits. Successful graduate students can apply for position in exploration and mining companies or continue their education in a variety of PhD programs in the field of Geology.

Professional Qualifications

Principles of mineral exploration and exploration deposit models, in addition to specific geophysical, geochemical, mapping remote sensing methods, sampling, core logging methods, data capture and ore reserves modelling and evaluating methods will be presented in both lecture and field practical training modules of the program. MSc thesis preparation, individual field work and training, case histories and mapping and 3D modelling of mineral resources will benefit the students’ practical skills in mineral deposits exploration and evaluation.

Professional Realization

Gaining practical mineral exploration skills the students could find realization in mining industry sector, exploration companies, universities and exploration and mining research institutions.