What about the vertical component of the East Anatolian fault zone (EAFZ)?

The impulse for this post comes from this picture:

Somewhere along the ruptured fault lines, and not along the mountain front, still vertical component is impressive. Source: Twitter

Fig. 1. Segments of EAFZ. Source: Duman et al. Position of Fig. 3 is shown with blue rectangle.
Fig. 2. The mountain to the west of EAFZ is known as Amanos. From: The Geomorphological Regions of Turkey Landscapes and Landforms of Turkey
Fig. 3. The mountain front (Amanos Mt.) and the trace of EAFZ (red line, USGS dataset). Looking N, imagery: Google Earth, 2021.

Not only seemingly horst/graben strucure, but also presence of large modern alluvial cones indicate ongoin uplift of Amanos Mts.

Fig. 4. Land parcels marks the surface of large alluvial cone @Hassa village. Location shown with arrow on fig. 3. Looking ~W, imagery: Google Earth, 2021.

Conclusions. More data are needed to understand well geology of this area. In any case, there are an indications of normal fault component along the trace of EAFZ here.

Ianko Gerdjikov, 01 March 2023