Organic Petrology Microscopic Laboratory

The Department of Geology, Paleontology and Fossil Fuels equipped new Microscopic laboratory with the most advanced technique for monitoring and analyzing of the organic matter (coal, rocks which generate petroleum and gas, and dispersed organic matter). The laboratory is equipped with a donation of “TOTAL E & P Bulgaria” in 2017.

Microscopic laboratory includes:

The MSP 200 Photometric is fully adaptable to the microscope Leica and could be used for educational, training and research purposes in Petroleum geology, Coal Geology, Metamorphic geology, Basin analysis and modelling.

  • Microscope Leica DM 2500 P;
  • Photometer MSP 200 with object 50x/0.85 OIL P;

Scientific application of the microscopic system:

Coal geology, Organic petrology, Petrography, Geochemistry, Petroleum geology, Fission-track dating, Metamorphic geology, Basin analysis.

Microscopic system can be used for:

Leica DM 2500 P Microscope: Monitoring, observation and quantitative analysis of coal macerals and mineral matter; observation, counting and measuring track lengths in minerals (zircon, apatite) for fission-track dating

The MSP 200 Photometer: Main advantages of the equipment are maturity measurements and modelling of thermal evolution of different rock samples (well-core and outcrops) including hydrocarbon source rocks, coals and low-grade metamorphic rocks at different temperatures between about less than 50oC to 320oC.

Head: Prof. Irena Kostova, PhD
Room 203A
Phone: (+359) 2 9308 370

Gallery: Organic Petrology Microscopic Laboratory

Organic Petrology Microscopic Laboratory