Regional oil and gas geology

The basic aim of the subject is to provide students with knowledge of oil and gas presence in Bulgaria and the world. The course is divided in two parts with the stress on geological conditions of oil and gas presence in Bulgaria.

The first part “Oil and gas presence in Bulgaria” presents consecutively: 1) Development and outcomes of oil and gas prospecting; 2) Tectonic and sedimentological preconditions for oil and gas presence; 3) Oil and gas complexes and their potential; 4) Oil and gas findings with economic significance; and 5) Further perspectives of prospecting and exploration.

The second part “Oil and gas presence in the world” includes: 1) Distribution of major oil and gas regions in the world and geographical changes in exploration and production areas; 2) Hydrocarbon characteristics of major oil and gas provinces and basins.

Summary of the course discusses the current tendency in: 1) Structure of the world energy balance and its variations in the future; 2) New prospecting of oil and gas; and 3) Increasing importance of non-conventional petroleum resources.

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Nikola Botoucharov