Prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields

The aim of the course is to give modern knowledge for the complex, long and very expensive oil and gas prospecting, exploration and production process. There is a plan of the subjects to be consecutively examined, including: 1) the main preconditions for oil and gas presence in the subsurface and their prognostic appraisal; 2) the most important objectives in distribution of oil and gas resources; 3) the fundamental methods of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields and their final results; 4) the volumetric estimation methods of oil and gas reserves; 5) the stages, phasic character and continuity in realization of the prospecting and exploration process.

The subject is based on the contemporary methods for an oil and gas prognostic appraisal and effective prospecting and exploration. Special attention is paid on the different approaches in prospecting of the anticline and non-anticline fields; oil and gas exploration in various tectonic zones and onshore-offshore.

The geological criteria for oil and gas presence, prospecting and exploration of new fields come to the foreground, whereas the production is just schematically elaborated for the purpose of the university geological specialty.

The goal of the exercises is to teach students in practical skills for working and geological interpretation of exploration and drilling data. The students will be able to present graphically the geological outcomes and draw applications such as correlation diagrams, profiles, structural maps and different schemes according to well data.

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Nikola Botoucharov